Hello, I'm Daniel!

Daniel, pictured above

Daniel, pictured above

Some information

Daniel is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Theology at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is currently writing a thesis on theological anthropology and disability. He loves talking theology over a hot coffee or a cold beer.

About the blog

As an MA student in theology, I am interested in how our knowledge of God affects our lives as followers of Jesus. In particular, I'm interested in learning more about my Mennonite tradition, as well as the work of Karl Barth. If I'm not studying theology, you can likely find me playing sports or camping in the wilderness. I hope we can learn together on my brand new blog, Pax Christi!

“As ministers we ought to speak of God. We are human, however, and so cannot speak of God. We ought therefore to recognize both our obligation and our inability and by that very recognition give God the glory. This is our perplexity. The rest of our task fades into insignificance in comparison.” - Karl Barth

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