Podcast - Documenting Legacies with Greg Fromholz


For this episode Neil chats to director, author, podcaster and communicator Greg Fromholz about his series of short form documentaries depicting the lives of some of the most well known speakers, pastors and theologians of our times.

The conversation focuses on the most recent of these 'Tony Campolo Divine Dissatisfaction' as Neil and Greg discuss the many different facets and difficulties of depicting a legacy into a short form film. 




Podcast - The Heretic with Andrew Morgan


A new episode where I talk to Andrew Morgan director of The Heretic a documentary depicting the life and work of Rob Bell.

Neil and Andrew discuss the process, the story and the hope that the film brings.

More information on the film can be found at www.thehereticmovie.com

The film is also currently available on iTunes and Amazon.

Podcast - Movies are Prayers with Josh Larsen


An episode from our existing archive (a grand term for a 13 episode podcast).

Neil chats to Josh Larsen (Filmspotting & Think Christian) about his new book Movies are Prayers.

Josh brings a critic's unique perspective to how movies function as expressions to God of lament, praise, joy, confession, and more. His clear expertise and passion for the art of film, along with his thoughtful reflections on the nature of prayer, will help readers gain a fuller understanding of both.

The conversation also covers some thoughts on Christian criticism and also explores recent cinematic highlights such as A Ghost Story and Dunkirk.

Movies are Prayers is available now from bookstores.

You can find more of Josh's work at larsenonfilm.com or follow him on Twitter.

If you enjoy the podcast please leave us a review on iTunes!




Podcast - Leaving My Father's Faith with John Wright


For this episode Neil chats to director, John Wright about his feature documentary Leaving My Father's Faith. The film documents the story of Bart Campolo and his coming away from Christianity into Humanism.

Neil and John discuss the process of documenting this conversation and the creation of a film depicting the painful but warm exchange between a father and his son about belief, storytelling and the power of our relationships.

You can find a full back catalogue of episodes of the podcast here.