Hello, I'm Jon!

Jonathan  , pictured above.

Jonathan, pictured above.

Some information...

Jonathan Anderson is a graduate student earning his M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Development (Dec 2017). He graduated from Johnson University in May of 2013 with a B.S. in Bible and Preaching/Church Leadership. In addition to earning his licensure in counseling, he aspires to one day earn an M.Div. from Christian Theological Seminary or Emmanuel Christian Seminary and become a therapist-minister.

Jonathan resides in Johnson City, TN with his wife, Emily.

About the Blog...

A Daring Existence is a blog dedicated to exploring and discussing a plethora of topics ranging from shame to spirituality, theology to counseling, and social issues to current events.


I shock some Christians by saying I am in favor of reading the Bible literally, as long as we begin with the Sermon on the Mount and work our way to other passages after we have gotten that one right.
— Nancey Murphy

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