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Joshua A. Méndez is a Puerto Rican-Chilean decolonial scholar and socialist organizer who does work at the intersection of religion, political philosophy, and cultural studies. Joshua’s other interests include film, top ten album lists, and a more recent fascination with the political function of architecture.

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Poetics of Liberation is in part inspired by the theoretical work of Martinican philosopher Edouard Glissant and in another part by the politico-religious productions of theologians, writers, and artists from the Global South and its numerous diasporic populations in the United States. Glissant understands poetics as a political and aesthetic function of the imagination which, taking flight from the ruins inhabited by colonial subjects, offers the potential for constructing new affective and emancipatory realities. Following the archipelagic route that Glissant proposes, my writing here hopes to offer a decolonial, interfaith approach to theology itself as a poetics of liberation directly tied to the religious practices and the intellectual and cultural productions of peripheralized subjects. In order to explore all the possibilities which this reading of religion and theology might foster, Poetics of Liberation will primarily attempt to engage those voices and texts that have been obscured by the dominant theological discourses of our time. 


God loves [us] so utterly and completely that he has…pledged his very Being as God for [our] salvation.
— T. F. Torrance

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