Hola, I'm Juliany!

Juliany  , pictured above.

Juliany, pictured above.

Some information...

Juliany González Nieves is an evangélica Puerto Rican student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. She holds a BSc on Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Puerto Rico and is currently pursuing an MDiv. Her areas of interest include systematic theology, discipleship, narrative theology, Latin American and USA Latinx theologies, feminist theologies, and missiology. 

About the Blog...

De Vuelta a loBásico is a Spanglish blog about theology and culture, written by an evangélica, Latin American, Caribeña, Puerto Rican woman living between an empire and a colony. I explore Christian doctrine at the intersection of gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status. This is a blog for those who do theology with an accent. Mine is quite thick.

[…] as Latin American thinkers we chose to do our theology not contemplating Christ from the comfortable distance of the balcony, a secure and easily received orthodoxy, but following him on the troubled roads of our Latin American lands.
— Samuel Escobar, Peruvian theologian

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