Hello, I'm Liam!

Liam, pictured above.

Liam, pictured above.

Some information...

I’m an Anglo-Australian living in Sydney, with a passion for theology and Avatar the Last Airbender. I’m the Uniting Church in Australia Chaplain at Macquarie University, and am completing an MDiv through Pilgrim Theological College. I live with my wife Heather, our daughter Shoshanna, my brother Tim, sister Hannah, and a dog named Zeus who’s afraid of thunder.

About the Podcast...

Love Rinse Repeat is a (fortunately non-visual) window into the conversations I rehearse in the shower while I am preparing for discussions that will (most likely) never eventuate. Sometimes it’s helpful to invite other voices into these rehearsals, hence the podcast. Love Rinse Repeat is a cultivation of conversations with theologians, practitioners, and miscellaneous church folk to help promote a theology with the blinders off. What you hear/read isn’t some set-in-stone final and decisive decree on faith and its expression. Rather, you’re overhearing a conversational practice run, which just happened to lovingly find its way online, but will certainly need to be rinsed and repeated before we’re through. That way, if, like Job’s friends, we have to stand before the whirlwind to answer for our words, we can say, “it was just a practice."

The Christian gospel is God’s good news to the victims that their humanity is not determined by their victimization. This means the poor do not have to adjust to their poverty; the oppressed do not have to reconcile themselves to humiliation and suffering. They can do something not only to change their perception of themselves, but also the existing structures of oppression. Indeed this is what the Exodus, the prophets, and the Incarnation are all about. These events and people are God’s way of saying that injustice is a contradiction of the divine intention of humanity.
— James H. Cone, Risks of Faith

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