The Magnificast - Ep 53 - Gettin Friendly

Last week we talked about Jacques Ellul's weird anarchism, so this week we're talking with Katherine and Hye Sung from the Friendly Fire Collective about cool anarchism! We talk about how Quakerism and pentecostalism feed into anarchism, why anarchists and Marxists can be buds, and hear about an upcoming retreat in Philadelphia--which you can register for until March 29 (
You might remember Katherine from the episode we did together with her podcast Friendly Anarchism (Ep 39), and you can here both of them chat more in Friendly Anarchism episode 29!

You can read more about the arrest of one of their comrades at a protest against Richard Spencer at Michigan State, and contribute to the bail fund, here:…-jail/

*EDIT* In the episode, we briefly talked about Blair's (of the Friendly Fire Collective mentioned in the episode) pending multiple convictions. However, we've been updated that he is now only facing one!

Intro/transition music by Amaryah Armstrong.

Outro by theillalogicalspoon