German Theology Blog Conference

Theology Corner will be publishing content from guest contributors with an awareness of the German theological tradition. In particular, we would like to highlight posts that focus on political theology and insights from the past for these trying times.

We are accepting applications for both plenary contributors and respondents. If you simply desire to be a respondent, please note that in your application.

Request more information or apply to become a contributor in the form below!


If you are interested in becoming a contributor for the Theology Corner Blog Conference, please address the following:

  • Make the subject line "Blog Conference Inquiry"
  • Enter your academic credentials (when and where you studied)
  • Which German theologian(s) you are interested in writing about?
  • Which text(s) from the theologian(s) you would focus on?
  • How would you tactfully use this discussion of the past in order to shed light on the present?

Please bear in mind that we do not expect you to have all of your ideas solidified at this point. The information requested above is simply to give us an idea of where you are coming from and how you can contribute to this blog conference!

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