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Mason  , pictured above.

Mason, pictured above.

Some information...

Mason Mennenga is creating religionless church. 

Through the lens of process theology, pyrotheology, and pop culture, Mason seeks to expand on theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer's concept of religionless Christianity by creating a religionless vision and structure for the present/future church – one that fosters faith holistically outside the constraints of institutionalized religion.

He is a youth worker at Solomon's Porch, Master of Divinity student, aspiring theologian, podcaster, writer, and church innovator.

He enjoys a deep conversation, being a music snob, stand-up comedy, scrolling through Twitter, and a good read.

You can connect with Mason here.

About the Podcast...

Religionless Church creates conversation and community among those who sense frustration and estrangement with Christianity. My hope with Religionless Church is to provide a space for innovative church voices to foster faith outside the walls of institutionalized Christianity.

To believe is human. To doubt, Divine.
— Peter Rollins

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