Hello, I'm Matt!

Matt, pictured above.

Matt, pictured above.

Some information...

Hello, I'm Matt, and I am a former evangelical. I was born and raised in the Southern Baptist Convention, before coming to the realization that the denomination I had for so long called home was no longer a welcome place for the questions I had begun to ask. I plan to begin working on his M.Div at Duke Divinity School in the Fall of 2018. I married the love of my life, Mallory, in May of 2017, I enjoy playing the guitar, and I love the St. Louis Cardinals.

About the Blog...

Sacramental Grace is a blog in which I  continue to document my shift in theology after I left evangelicalism for Mainline Protestantism. It is my hope that Sacramental Grace engages people who have gone through faith deconstructions as well as those who find themselves in a faith crisis. It is my prayer that the words you find here help you see that God is present and grace is here.

The scandal is that the gospel means liberation, that this liberation comes to the poor, and that it gives them the strength and the courage to break the conditions of servitude.
— James Cone

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