007: From Evangelical Christian to Angry Atheist to...Paleolithic Cave Art (with Andrew Gurevich) Part 1

How does a person go from evangelical Christian, studying at Bible college and seminary on the path to ministry, to walking away from it all and becoming an angry atheist? 

And now, on a journey to become a leading expert in paleolithic cave art--with a prophetic voice for progressives and conservatives alike?

Believe it or not, this trajectory describes the life of this week's guest: Andrew Gurevich of Portland, OR, USA. A leading mythologist and teacher of world religions, not only is Andrew fast becoming an expert on ancient cave art, but in addition he seeks to discover the multifaceted connections between humanity, religion, spirituality, politics, and tribalism.

In this first half of our conversation, Part 1, Andrew talks about his upbringing and how it's somehow all come full-circle...along the journey of becoming who he is.

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