Don't Forget to Look Up

This past week, my wife and I had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver to visit with some family and have some vacation time before we get too far into the busyness of the semester. For me, one of the highlights of the week was the day trip we took to Whistler. Whistler is a small, mountain-resort town an hour north of Vancouver. It is a beautiful community with plenty of restaurants, shops, and outdoor activities to keep one busy.

My favourite (sic. I'm Canadian) part of the day we spent in Whistler was the hike we did to Cheakamus Lake, a small, turquoise blue lake high up in the mountains, situated on the edge of the magnificent Garibaldi Provincial Park. The hike was populated with tall trees, extravagant rock faces, and a winding path which followed the curves of a river.

When hiking on unfamiliar terrain, my tendency is to pay far too much attention to my feet. Not wanting to ruin my hike by twisting my ankle or falling flat on my face, looking down at my feet is a way to ensure my own safety while on the hike. This may seem fine at first, but throughout my experience as an amateur hiker, I have found one significant flaw in this way of hiking: if I spend too much time looking at my feet, I miss out on all the wondrous scenery which I am surrounded by.

Now, I don't know about you, dear reader, but, speaking for myself, I think my Christian walk can sometimes be like my experience hiking. I can get so caught up in watching my feet--making sure I am taking careful steps in order not to fall--that I forget to look up and see what God is doing all around me, both in my life and the lives and communities of others. 

As we launch Theology Corner, I am not entirely sure what form this blog will take. Some posts may be academic, others pastoral. Some will be purposed to lift others up, while some posts may take more of a critical posture. However, one thing I want this blog to do is to help us all to look up and see what God is doing. Because the question isn't whether God is at work or not. The question is whether we are attentive enough to see it.

So please, come, join me on this journey as I wrestle with all things pertaining to our walk of faith. I only ask one thing, don't forget to look up.