The Theosophia podcast is a platform for women’s voices in theology.  Sarah interviews and dialogues with theologians and ministers around the country to hear their stories and learn about their work in the world.  Long held patriarchal understandings of spirituality and faith are tested, enriched and sometimes shattered through the other half of the population’s voices. 

Religionless Church creates conversation and community among those who sense frustration and estrangement with Christianity. My hope with Religionless Church is to provide a space for innovative church voices to foster faith outside the walls of institutionalized Christianity.

#LessonsFromDeadGuys is a podcast about adventuring down the wild paths left by the saints, sinners, heretics, and mystics of this thing we call the church in hopes of finding a more robust and beautiful faith. 

On the Patristics Podcast Ambrose Andreano and Alvin Rapien examine the writings of the Church Fathers and provide commentary on the content. This podcast is for those who are interested in learning about what the fathers taught, but do not have the time or perseverance to read intimidating walls of text.

Love Rinse Repeat is a (fortunately non-visual) window into the conversations I rehearse in the shower while I am preparing for discussions (that most likely will never eventuate) with theologians, practitioners, and miscellaneous church folk to help promote a theology with the blinders off.




Beliefs inform actions. Analyzing our beliefs helps progress humanity, leading us to interact with each other and the Earth in a more positive way. With this series, I simply talk about and explore beliefs through conversation with guests.

In A Jew and a Gentile Walk into a Bar...Mitzvah! we focus on faith, mental health, and cigars.  We approach these subjects from many directions: personal, academic, theological, and philosophical.    We want anyone wishing to join in our discussions to understand our goal, to share our respect for each other and The Other.  In order to learn grow, and expand our view requires we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, that we expose ourselves to “dangerous” ideas, but that learning only happens when we are uncomfortable, and ideas only seem dangerous because they come from The Other.

The MindShift Podcast seeks to assist people who are in the process of deconstructing their inherited beliefs about God, the church, and spirituality. To do this we need to think critically about what we think we know, and what we think we believe. I help listeners and readers to do this by applying critical thinking, and engaging with many different points of view, to help them further along in their journey of deconstruction and discovery.

The purpose of Films and Faith is to attempt to restore faith in the world around us by engaging with film. Films that warm our hearts, challenge our thinking and call us to respond. So often cinema holds a lens up to our world and shows us, both the best and worst, aspects of our humanity. Our world is reflected back at us in parable, allegory, metaphor and creations of wonderful imagination. Films and Faith exists to explore these ideas, examine our humanity and help rebuild faith in a broken, fractured world.

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Religious Socialism is hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America and features deep-dive interviews with religious activists, thinkers, and practitioners—and often a good dose of socialism! The interviews tend to be autobiographical—we dive into a person's upbringing, turning points in their lives, and how their faith informs their politics and work. Our goal is to build the religious left and to connect the dots between religious and radical spaces—two communities that don't often intersect.

The Magnificast is a podcast that explores the intersection of Christianity and leftist politics. They host conversations between leftists and Christians toward establishing a more just society.

There are things in life that draw us in and awaken us to view life differently, to live more vibrantly, to see others more humanely, to act more justly. They invite us into better stories. A Better Story podcast is about finding those things, and in the process, connecting with and discovering God. They can be found everywhere, but A Better Story looks in two particular places: the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and the lives of others.


The Soma Podcast aims to discuss a variety of theological content in hopes to better understand God. This podcast also looks to expose the listener to a handful of theological ideas—which are diverse in their nature—for the strengthening of one’s theological understanding. The hope is that the Church may learn to unite in the midst of theological diversity that exists within

Sacred Tension is a podcast about the spiritual discipline of asking questions. After spending most of my life struggling to reconcile my Christian faith and my gay orientation, I’ve learned that many other people are in similar interstitial spaces between faith and doubt, science and religion. This podcast is an invitation to enter those in-between places, and ask hard questions.

Skeptical Mystic is the fruit of my personal pursuit of the mystery of God while being intellectually honest. It is about abandoning cynicism in pursuit of real hope. It aims to reframe conversations about religion so as to subvert ideology, promote genuine dialog, and foster both virtue and the life more abundant. It is a whisper for peace amid the strident clamor to be right.

The Deconstructionists podcast and blog are all about sharing thoughts and ideas as we wrestle and struggle with our faith. We try our best to create a safe space for others to come and do the same. Our goal is always to transcend and include.

Friendly Anarchism is the podcast of a Quaker anarchist who speaks and listens with community about mysticism, radical praxis, theology, empowerment, anti-fascism, and the arts from a leftist Religious Society of Friends perspective. Released fortnightly ♥