Tom Wilson & Paul Carter. FreeBibleimages, 2018.

Tom Wilson & Paul Carter. FreeBibleimages, 2018.


Adele Reinhartz (professor of Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa)

Alister E. McGrath (Anglican priest, apologist, professor, theologian)

The American Chesterton Society (an group interested in the writing of G. K. Chesterton)

American Society of Church History

Ancient Hebrew Research Center

Ancient Jew Review

The Anglican Digest (Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.)

Anglicans Online | Theological Resources

As Paul Tells It ...

Associates for Biblical Research

Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

Be A Disciple (Southwestern College, Kansas)

Ben Witherington III

Bible Gateway (a Bible study resource)

Bible Hub (a Bible study resource)

Bible Odyssey (Society of Biblical Literature)

Bible Study Tools (a Bible study resource)

Bible Places (a photo collection of biblical sites around the Mediterranean)

Biblical Archaeology Review

Biblical Language Center

BioLogos (presents an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation)

Blue Letter Bible (a Bible study resource)

Book of Common Prayer (Church of England)

Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal Church of the USA)

Brice C. Jones (historian of early Christianity & papyrology)

CBE International (formerly, the Christians for Biblical Equality) 

CH101–Early Church History

Center for Barth Studies (Princeton Theological Seminary)

Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

The Christian Century

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Calvin College)

Christian History Institute

Christian Origins, Modern Faith (my full website)

Christian Today

Christianity Today

Cold Case Christianity (J. Warner Wallace, an author & former police investigator)

Commonweal Magazine

Conference on Christianity & Literature

Core Christianity

C. S. Lewis Foundation (the official foundation by the Lewis family)

C. S. Lewis Society of California

C. S. Lewis Web (Discovery Institute)

Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies (w/ Herbert W. Bateman IV, a New Testament scholar)

Dallas Willard (University of Southern California professor, speaker, & author) 

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

The Distributist Review

Douglas Groothuis (author, philosopher, & professor at Denver Seminary)

e-Sword (a Bible study resource)

Early Church Writings & Early Jewish Writings

En-Gedi Resource Center (a division of Living Water Books; owned by Lois Tverberg)

Eric Metaxas (Senior Fellow & Lecturer at the King’s College & bestselling author)

Evangelical Philosophical Society

Evidence for Christianity (John Oakes)

First Things (published by the Institute on Religion & Public Life)

Flavius Josephus Home Page

The Gifford Lectures (Templeton Press)

Gods of the Biblical World (blog) (Internet Ed. w/ Extensive & Exhaustive Critical Apparatus)

Hendrickson Publishers (editor of ancient & historical Christian texts)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (University of Tennessee at Martin)

InterVarsity Press

Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics

Institute of Biblical Greek

Jerusalem Perspective

Jewish Virtual Library

John Lennox (an Oxford University mathematician & Christian apologist)

The Journal for the Study of the New Testament (SAGE)

The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (SAGE)

Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism (McMaster Divinity College)

Journal of Religion (University of Chicago Press)

Journal of Theological Studies (Oxford Academic)

J. P. Moreland (philosopher, theologian, professor at the Talbot School of Theology)

Keith Ward (Anglican priest, biblical scholar, philosopher, professor, theologian)

Koine-Greek (a linguistics & textual criticism resource)

Lee Strobel (author, journalist, & Christian apologist)

Leibniz Society of North America

Lewis Center for Church Leadership

Library of Historical Apologetics

Ligonier Ministries (the teaching fellowship of R. C. Sproul) 

Marcus J. Borg Foundation (a memorial to the biblical scholar & author)

Mark Goodacre (a New Testament scholar at Duke University)

Methodist Review (a journal of Wesleyan & Methodist studies)

Mira Scriptura (mirror-reading the scriptures)

My Jewish Learning

N. T. Wright Online

N. T. Wright Page

National Council of Churches

NavPress (an academic Christian publisher)

Near Eastern Archaeology (American Schools of Oriental Research)

New International Version (NIV)

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

New Testament Gateway (w/ Mark Goodacre)

Olive Tree Bible Software

Origins of Christianity (w/ John Bartram) 

Our Rabbi Jesus (w/ Lois Tverberg, an author focusing on the Jewishness of Jesus)

Pete Enns (author & theologian)

Peter DeHaan (author, biblical scholar, theologian)

Peter J. Kreeft (philosophy professor at Boston College)

Premier Christianity

Reasonable Faith (w/ William Lane Craig, a Christian apologist & philosopher)

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (w/ Philip Harland, a Religion professor at York University)

Revised Common Lectionary (Vanderbilt Divinity School)

Robert J. Hutchinson (author & biblical scholar)

Sefaria (a digital archive of ancient Jewish writings)

Society for Biblical Literature

Society of Christian Philosophers

Society of Evangelical Arminians

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Spurgeon Center for Biblical Preaching (Midwestern Seminary)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Stanford University) 

That the World May Know (w/ Ray Vander Laan, a teacher & historian)

Religion & American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation (Indiana Univ.–Purdue Univ. Indianapolis)

The Gospel Coalition

The Roman Empire in the First Century (PBS)

Theology on the Web (Rob Bradshaw)

Theology Curator (w/ Kurt Willems)

Theopedia: An Encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity

Think Theology

Thomas Nelson (Christian publisher)

United Bible Societies

The Veritas Forum

Vince Antonucci (author & pastor of Verve church in Las Vegas)

Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy (Calvin College)

Walter Brueggemann (Old Testament scholar, theologian, United Church of Christ pastor)

The Wesley Center Online (Northwest Nazarene University) 

WestBow Press (the hybrid self-publishing division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan)

White Horse Inn - For A Modern Reformation

Wm. B. Eerdmans (academic Christian publisher)

Women Biblical Scholars

World Council of Churches

Yale Center for Faith & Culture (Yale University)