Gay, Christian, HIV Positive

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In this episode of Sacred Tension, I talk to gay Christian activist and blogger Donald Scherschligt about his recent HIV diagnosis, and how he is integrating his HIV positive status into his life and faith. Donald speaks vulnerably and beautifully about the first moment he found out he is positive, the politics of HIV, the cognitive shift that takes place when one receives a positive diagnosis, and much, much more. 

You can find Donald at, and on twitter @donnysurelegit. He is also the editor in chief of SKEW, a Level Ground magazine, which you can find at

Do you or someone you know need help or resources on HIV? Donald has provided me with resources for anyone who might need care or want to learn more:

Everything you could ever want to know and more about HIV:

To find an HIV testing center in your local area:

To find PrEP providers, I recommend a couple places: First,

Second, If you live in a "healthcare desert" (a location where access to PrEP is unavailable due to legal or geographical limitations), learn about Nurx and get their app. They're an amazing telemedicine start-up that is making access to this pill incredibly easy:

If you need help affording PrEP:

To learn more about the history of the AIDS crisis: "How To Survive A Plague" is an infuriating, moving, powerful, amazing film and a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn about ACT UP and AIDS. It's totally worth the $3 for a rental on YouTube: