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Stephen  , pictured above.

Stephen, pictured above.

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Stephen Waldron is a writer who lives in Massachusetts. He holds an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Marquette University. He works in the library services industry and does volunteer work in political and church contexts. He believes that Jesus shows us who God is and what human beings should be like, and that fighting for equality among human beings is a crucial way to love our neighbors.

About the Blog...

Apocalypse and Analysis is an attempt to make the apocalypse (revelation) of God in Jesus present to our world by analyzing how it meets human beings today. This is done with help from a few friends: early Anabaptists, postcolonial readers of the Bible, and 20th century theologians who grappled with what it means to think and live as followers of Jesus in the modern world. Reader beware: the task of analyzing God's revelation to us in Jesus is never finished, and it has been known to significantly shorten one's lifespan.

I shock some Christians by saying I am in favor of reading the Bible literally, as long as we begin with the Sermon on the Mount and work our way to other passages after we have gotten that one right.
— Nancey Murphy

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