Socialist Vacation Bible School, Episodes 1 to 3

Theology and Socialism is a podcast about those two things: theology and socialism.

We started off in Fall 2018 with three episodes in our Socialist Vacation Bible School series.

In Episode 1, we talked about the Exodus story as a lens (or part of a pair of glasses?) for reading the Bible.

In Episode 2, we discussed the Year of Jubilee in Leviticus. We covered wealth distribution, wage labor, and Jesus of Nazareth. And we even disagreed a bit about something.

In Episode 3, we asked whether rich people go to hell. What's the temperature like there? Does it eat their flesh? Lots of questions, and we got some answers.

We hope you enjoy these first episodes and the others we have coming out soon. Follow us on Twitter ( and rate, subscribe, and review on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. We’d love for you to continue the conversations we’ve started here and share the podcast with your friends.